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WPU batter ready to swing at the home plate

A Grand Slam Ending

March 2, 2017

group of green and white painted students sit in the bleachers in the gymnasium cheering

A Long and Winding Rivalry

September 10, 2016

Peyton Manning Retires: Is He the Greatest Quarterback Ever?

Quinton D. Howard

April 11, 2016

After playing in three separate decades, Peyton Manning has decided to retire after winning the 2016 Super Bowl. Now that he has officially retired people have reignited Manning’s candidacy as the greatest Quarterback to eve...

Pacers Snowed Out

Aron Crumb

February 10, 2016

The Pacers baseball team had barely started their season when snow prevented them from practicing outside, setting them back almost a week. The team moved their practices to the Stable, the new indoor facility on campus....

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