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How the Presidential Election and Primary Will Affect Student Debt

Rebekah Malkin

The primary election is fast approaching for North Carolina and it's time to ask as students what are each of the candidates individual plans to approach the student debt...  Read More »

November 10, 2015

Never Drink and Drive

Callie Faulkner

Raleigh, NC. -  Raleigh just wrapped up another successful State Fair on Sunday October 25, 2015. While it brought a lot of people in for rides, food, and other exhibits...  Read More »

November 2, 2015

State of the Democratic Primary

October 13, 2015

The Republican Primary has been capturing all of the attention with multiple high-profile candidates. Howeve...  Read More »

Peace Making Internships Priority

October 13, 2015

When entering the workforce, it’s always good to have some experience under your belt. Here at William Pea...  Read More »

Tyana and Laskowski

Peace Appreciates: Laskowski and Newhouse

October 5, 2015

This week William Peace University appreciates two awesome professors at the university. The first is...  Read More »

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Serving Raleigh, Serving You

Caitlyn Ashworth

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone that could never repay you.” – John Bunyan. Why is it that there is always a blank to fill in w...  Read More »

November 23, 2015

Condolences to Paris

November 23, 2015

In the aftermath of the attacks in Paris, we find ourselves clinging to our faith, our loved ones, and...  Read More »

Investing in Our Teams

October 12, 2015

Has there ever been a time when you were watching a sporting event and you felt as if you were right...  Read More »

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  • Men’s and Women’s Cross Country: Making Strides

    Over the past four years since William Peace University became co-ed, the university has seen a substantial growth in athletics. One of the athletic t...

  • Investing in Our Teams

    Has there ever been a time when you were watching a sporting event and you felt as if you were right there in the game with “your” team? So emoti...

  • Peace Students Ecstatic About the Football Season

    Football is back, after many months of waiting. From Friday night lights to tailgating at NC State Football games, to screaming at the television on ...

  • William Peace Intramurals

    Raleigh, NC — As the 2015-2016 school year gets going the William Peace University Intramural staff is looking to continue their historic growth. ...

  • LeBron James: The Most Powerful Athlete of All-Time

    We gain so much from viewing athletes compete for supremacy, we attract to their stories. We are consumed by the endeavors that athletes face; goo...

  • William Peace Men’s Tennis Faces Multiple Obstacles

    This spring season has been full of obstacles for the WPU Men’s Tennis team. Often times it is the weather, but more recently, the team has been set...

  • Softball Host Pink Game

    On April 4th the Lady Pacer softball team will host their annual breast cancer awareness game against Averett College. The game is held to raise money...

  • Fox Trails

    Starting in 16 out of 19 games thus far with a few more games left in the season, Michaela Fox is leaving a great trail with the William Peace Pacer...

  • Peyton Manning Returns to Denver Broncos, Accepts Pay Cut, Now What?

    5-time NFL MVP, Peyton Manning, has agreed to return to the Denver Broncos for the 2015 NFL season. The Quarterback has agreed to return to football w...

  • WPU baseball start of season

    The William Peace University Baseball Team has been established at the school for two years, but this year has brought with it new challenges and exci...